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Connecting business and people in Moorabool Shire

Moorabool Localised

Connecting business and people in Moorabool Shire

Not For Profit & Community Services

Keeleys Cause


Nationally Registered Charity with DGR-1 Tax Concessions and PBI (publuc Benevolent Institute based in Ballan.

Keeleys Cause was created in 2017 by then Keeley aged 13 yrs who has Autism and an Intellectual Disability.
The Charity provides ipads to low
socio-economic families of children diagnosed with Autism or an Intellectual Disability to assist with the learning, communication and interacting outcomes for their future journeys via the use of technology.
We also work behind the scenes to further support disability families, create inclusive events, advocate, promote inclusion and accessibility and combat lonliness for all people living with a disability.
We enhance their future outcomes to become effective members of their Communities and Society.
We assist, all races, religions, genders etc and do not discriminate In any assistance we provide.

Keeleys Cause provides
  • Advocacy
  • Apple
  • Community Activities
  • Community Engagement
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Ipad
  • Not-For-Profit Services

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